2017 Russo Cuore Rock independant
2015 Straight Eight
New Guitar independant
2015 Nada Cowboys Turn down the Fever independant
2014 Eric Lee i.A.
2013 Nöggi Momänt NCD
2012 Giovi & the Rubbersoul i.A.
2012 Nöggi Wänn nöd jetzt…wänn dänn NCD
2011 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors Live at Blue Rose X-mas Party Blue Rose
2011 Markus Rill & The Troublemakers Wild, Blue & True Blue Rose
2010 Markus Rill & The Troublemakers Makin Trouble Blue Rose
2010 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors Breather Blue Rose
2009 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors Live in Motown Blue Rose
2007 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors Headlines Blue Rose
2005 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors Out and about Sound Service
2003 Hank Shizzoe & Loose Gravel with Sonny Landreth      In Concert Crosscut Records
2003 Paul Camilleri In the middle of the night Zyx Music
2002 The Moondog Show Bonne Espérance Blue Buffalo Records
2002 Jenny White You can have it WH Records
2002 Adesso Verso la luna Zytglogge
2000 Toni Vescoli Zytraffer BMG
2000 Dänu Siegrist Band Wasser u Brot Sound Service
2000 Hoffi & the blue Divas
2000 Tom Kelly & Friends Birthday Farewell
1999 Polo Hofer & Hank Shizzoe Homerun Single Sound Service
1999 Falso Also Zytglogge
1998 Sing Tonic Mein Herz lässt dich grüssen… Zytglogge
1998 Hank Shizzoe & Loose Gravel Plenty of Time Crosscut Records
1996 Diverse Artists Musical goes Rock Hangar 21
1996 Hank Shizzoe  Walk Crosscut Records
1995 Peter Glanzmann The elephant’s walk Glanzmusik
1995 Dänu Brüggeman E Tag vo dene Tage Zytglogge
1995 Dänu Siegrist Bänd Ring Sound Service
1995 Rudolph Dietrich Monsieur l’ti bon ange Corazoo
1994 Toni Vescoli Vescoli & Co 3 BMG
1994 Toni Vescoli Single spez. Edition Live BMG
1994 Swiss All Star Band Live at the Unspunnen Rock Festival Hangar 21
1993 Toni Vescoli Bob Dylan Songs Mundart BMG
1993 Toni Vescoli Unplugged Spez. Edition Live BMG
1993 Diverse Artists Just for Fun Kambly
1993 Schmidhauser Coming back for more Black Rose Records
1992 Dänu Siegrist Bänd Nimm mi mit Sound Service
1992 Matterrock Hommage an Mani Matter Zytglogge
1992 Natacha Natacha Zytglogge
1992 Toni Vescoli Vescoli & Co 2 Sound Service
1991 Lord Nord Silhouette Blackrivercity Airnoise
1990 Sandra Goldner & the Goldrush Drink to the Lady Phonag Records
1990 Verena Stalder I wish i knew
1990 Ursula Amsler Ginger Ex Libris
1990 Riff Raff Watchdog over Heidiland Single
1990 Lee Scratch Perry Moonwalk Black Cat
1990 Lee Scratch Perry Spiritual Healing Black Cat
1989 Legal Tender No Promises Black Cat
1988 Baba Barozzi Years 2b Records
1988 Nöggi Ich bin halt wie’n ich bin Canaris Records
1987 Eric Lee & Errol Dixon Shakin Fingers K-tel
1986 Rudolph Dietrich Time to Leave DOM
1986 Nöggi Hörndli und g’hackets
1981 C.B.Büsser Once and for all Orma Music
1980 Whipping Post  So we are Nash Records
1980 Tom Kelly Band Breakdown Memory Music